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Policy of Privacy

In accordance with the established thing in the RGPD, we informed to him within the framework that their data will be treated in our files, for the purposes of the maintenance and fulfillment of the relation with our organization, including the shipment of communications of the mentioned relation.

Also, their data will be yielded in all those cases in that it is necessary for the development, fulfillment and control of the relation with our organization or in the assumptions in that a norm with law rank authorizes it. In accordance with the RGPD the Lady of the Motilla can exercise her rights ARC before Restaurant, with direction in Crossing of Motilla 2, 47194 “ Fuensalda±a, enclosing photocopies of its national identity document.

The content of this communication, as well as the one of all the annexed documentation, is subject when having of secret and only goes directed to its adressee. Supposing that you were not the adressee, we solicitd it that she indicates it to us and does not communicate its content to third parties, coming to its destruction.

The lender of services of the society of the information will have to consider that, in addition to the information that facilitates to the adressees of the service through its Policy of Privacy, he must have additional legal texts regarding other norms of forced fulfillment, such as, without limiting or excluding character, general conditions of the hiring, intellectual and industrial property, conditions of use of the webpage and responsibilities on the matter, or what own Law 34/2002, of 11 of July, Services of the Society of the Information and of Electronic Commerce can establish in any other rules besides its article 10 or to even complete the information that, in relation to this one, would be necessary.




What are the cookies?

They are small archives that are stored in your navigator with information on navigation which you realise in our webpage. This set of cookies helps us to offer one better experience to you of navigation (more fluid and customized).

What types of cookies exist?

In our Web we used own cookies, whose management we directly realised it from our servers, and cookies of third parties, that are sent to your equipment from a domain other people's to clickDatos. In case of using this last type of cookies (of third parties), always we made sure that their only purpose is technical and never of collection of data. If at some time some of these third parties decides to change the purpose of its cookies and would begin to successfully obtain data, we would eliminate them of our Web in cuantro we would have knowledge. In case this happens and you detect it, please, warn to us.

  • Of session, that usually is eliminated when the navigator closes himself.
  • Persistent, that stays although the navigator is closed. One stays by a specific time.
  • Safe, that it is a cookie that is only used with HTTPS.
  • Of third parties, that are used mainly for publicized pages, this is: the visited page creates a cookie to name of a publicized page, in case the user decides to visit it.

Types of cookies that this webpage uses

  • Techniques
    This type of cookies facilitates information on the use that the user realises of the Web, as for example, what pages have visited or if it has had technical problems in the accesses. These cookies do not allow to identify to him, since the information that gather is anonymous and will be used only for works of improvement of design of the page and navigation, statistics of use, etc. Allows that the Web works of more agile and adapted form to the preferences of the users.
  • Of registry
    They are created when registering to you or when it initiates a session as user of the Web.
  • Of personalisation
    They allow to personalize the functions or contents of the website based on the collected data of the navigator.
  • State of the session
    These cookies keep the necessary information during the session and the changes related to her, and they also determine if it is registered or not in the Web.
  • Processes
    The cookies of processes allow the operation of the website and offer services waited for by the user who accedes to the website as, for example, navigation by webpages or the access to safe areas of the website.

Relation of Cookies used by the domain and

  • Cookies technical




wordpress_* It stores the cookie with the detailed information of authentication of WordPress.
wordpress_test_cookie This cookie can help WordPress him to determine if it is possible to be stored cookies.
wp-settings-* This cookie helps to remember its personal preferences within WordPress.
comment_author_* This cookie remembers its last details of commentaries, such as its name and email address, so that you will not have to write it again.
cookillian_opt_* This cookie stores its preferences with respect to the use of cookies in this website.
wptouch-pro-it breaks-state It is cookie helps to optimize the operation of this Web in movable devices.

Revocation and elimination of Cookies

You can form his navigator to allow, to block, to eliminate or to deactivate the cookies installed in his equipment, by means of the configuration of the options of the navigator installed in his equipment. In case it does not allow the installation of cookies in its navigator is possible that it cannot accede to some of the sections or functionalities of this website.
In order to form navigator, to deactivate or to administer installation of cookies, and that in this way erases automatically once the navigator closes itself, equipment or device, can obtain more data doing click in the following connections that we provided to him, based on the navigator who you use:

Update of our Policy of Cookies

It is possible that we update our Policy of Cookies in this website based on legal or technical exigencies, for that reason if it wishes it, we advised that it reviews this policy in some occasion, in order to be suitably informed envelope how and why we used the cookies.
Last update: May of 2018