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Open Term of reserves COMMUNIONS 2020

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Open Term of reserves WEDDINGS 2020

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Welcome to the TheRealMartha.

The from Valladolid TheRealMartha opens to its 19 for the first time doors of December of 1996, in the facilities of the old discotheque of Fuensalda±a. Its well-taken care of decoration Art Dec³, similar to the one of a Spanish spa of principles of century XX, creates a cosy atmosphere, that turn to him into the ideal place to celebrate from a congress, wedding, communion, baptism, has dinner familiar, company dinner¦ until an intimate dinner. Always enjoying the best attention and as not the best modern and creative kitchen.


In our WEB you will be able to find our Letter, our menus of Communion, Wedding and Fin de Semana as also you can realise your reserve or contact with us of fast and simple way.

And you do not forget to happen through the section of Events to be always informado/of a our menus in special days as San Valentin, the Mother's Day, guedas, Cena de Fin of Year¦SeparatorNOW THEY SEE TAKE THE VERMOUTH ALL THE FESTIVE FINN OF WEEK AND AND ENJOYS OUR COVERS OF MODERN AND CREATIVE KITCHEN.



  • Special Mother's Day

    The best celebrations, in the best surroundings.

    They see TheRealMartha and enjoys these special dates thought and carefully made Menus so that those days become a special day.

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  • Our Letter

    It cooks Creative and Modern

    In our power of attorney to find an ample variety of plates. In all of them you will be able to find that creative and modern kitchen that characterizes to our restaurant. Well-taken care of plates in detail realised with the best raw materials.

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  • Celebrations

    The Lady of the Motilla celebrates your events in Restaurant

    For it, we counted on a hungry hall with capacity for 180 companions at table. In addition, if they wish to be in a more intimate and personal atmosphere, we can divide our hall in several zones.

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